25 years mobile and industrial stationary sawmills - patented technic Made in Germany - today in over 76 countries of the World!
From mobile wage sawyers up to big industrial custom made sawmilling plants with SERRA engineering, they all belong to the worldwide customer base of SERRA. Here we can show you, how to get successful business with SERRA!

Whether Germany, Gabon or Dubai, all over the world successful Serra customers can earn a lot of money with SERRA sawmills. Dubai? Can you imagine, a sawmill in the desert? It works like this:
Certainly you know the metropolis Dubai from many TV reports, where precious wood is used outdoor but also for the high quality residential and hotel facilities. Many years the boards have been ordered from overseas, until some smart business people had the idea to cut the wood on site according to their requirements. We installed there a system with three Bavaria SL 130i and it performs in three shifts.

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